Life updates: new job, new city, new chapter

I’ll say again, applying to 100+ jobs, wrapping up a second MA, teaching, working, and trying to get keep a dissertation moving forward……… nuts.


But, super excited to share some updates that came out of all that madness.

I’m a real librarian! Continuing my quest to find creative ways to add more letters to the end of my name, I successfully wrapped up a second masters degree in Library and Information Science. All the adventures in archives, digital preservation, digital humanities, and info literacy. [In case you’re keeping track, we’re up to MA, MLIS, PhD Candidate (ABD).]


I have a job! Starting tomorrow, I’ll be at Grinnell College, working in their Center for Teaching as a Digital Liberal Arts Specialist. That role will involve working with faculty and students to integrate digital technologies in research and teaching by promoting digital pedagogies, providing technical expertise and support in the implementation of digital applications/resources, and encouraging folks to use technology in innovative ways for their teaching, learning, and research.


I’m living in a new city! Even though Grinnell isn’t that far from Iowa City, decided I’d rather spend the 10 hours that would go toward commuting doing…..just about anything else (e.g. writing the dissertation). But after an ‘interesting’ apartment search, found a place to live for the next year.


Speaking of the dissertation…….no, it’s not done. Turns out taking classes full time, applying/interviewing for jobs, and working as a TA doesn’t leave a whole lot of mental energy/bandwidth for doing much of anything…….let alone make substantive progress on a dissertation.

But, thanks to some truly fantastic committee members, we’re making progress on the actual dissertation work, and having productive conversations with the UIowa Graduate College, University Libraries, and Digital Studio for Scholarship and Publishing about how exactly we want to go about archiving and preserving a born-digital digital humanities dissertation. The goal is to defend the dissertation and graduate Spring 2019, which is exciting but also terrifying. And on that happy thought……back to work.