Student Work

Mapping Absence in Shakespeare (Summer 2018-Present)

  • Project co-lead. Digital scholarship specialist and technical consultant. Mentored student researcher to build a data structure and develop an ArcGIS Online Web Application. Collaborator on site design.

Digital Bridges to Dance (Summer 2018-Present)

  • Digital scholarship and digital preservation specialist, metadata coordinator, and technical consultant. Mentored student research team involved in building original project websites. Mentored student research assistant to archive and generate metadata for existing content. Working with College Libraries and Special Collections team on long-term strategies for preservation and access.

Growing Béisbol: Experiencias latinas en los sistemas de desarrollo de los jugadores en las Ligas Menores del béisbol (Summer 2019)

  • Supervisor and mentor for student’s (Gender Studies and Spanish) advanced research project on lived experiences of Minor League Baseball players born in Latin America and the Caribbean. Mentored student as they conducted Spanish-language oral histories with current Minor League players born in Latin America and the Caribbean. The student’s culminating research project was a Spanish-language website presenting the oral histories and analysis, as well as historical context and recommendations about how to improve players’ working conditions.

Rough Draft: Analyzing the Relationship Between Draft Slot, Signing Bonus, and Career Longevity for Professional Baseball Players (Summer 2019)

  • Supervisor and mentor for student’s (Economics and Mathematics) advanced research project on the relationship of signing bonus and career longevity for players drafted between 2007 and 2010. Mentored student as they gathered data and learned R/RStudio to be able to analyze the relationship between labor management practices (specifically signing bonuses) and player performance. The student’s culminating research project includes publicly-available datasets as well as a website including a detailed discussion of research methods, data visualizations, and the R scripts used in data analysis.

Plain text files from Grinnell College’s student newspaper, the Scarlet and Black (Summer 2018-Spring 2019)

  • Project manager and technical consultant. Worked with Library colleagues, faculty (History, English, Computer Science), Information Technology Services, and student researcher to use campus HPC cluster resources to run Tesseract for OCR on digitized TIFF archival scans, and Python for post-processing and cleaning, to generate plain-text files for 30,000 pages of the student newspaper covering 1894-2010.

Women’s World Cup Data (Fall 2018-Spring 2019)

  • Project co-lead on collaboration between Grinnell’s Data Analysis and Social Inquiry Lab and Sport Reference LLC. Digital scholarship specialist, sport data specialist, and women’s sport history specialist. Mentored student researchers involved in collecting data related to the Women’s World Cup. Developed documentation for data collection processes.

Student final projects from Fall 2015-Spring 2017 sections of undergraduate “Rhetoric of Sport” course

Student blog from Spring 2016 undergraduate “Rhetoric of Sport” course

Student blog from Fall 2015 undergraduate “Rhetoric of Sport” courses